French Distributor Completes Further Agribuggy Product Training header image

Key personnel within McConnel’s French distributor ETS Payen have recently undergone further product sales training on the McConnel Agribuggy.

The product sales training was carried out by McConnel’s Tim Coleridge (Market Development Manager) and John Davis (Sprayer & Spreaders Sales Manager) at Payen’s headquarters in Rozay en Brie during June.

Representatives from ETS Payen included Jules Brutel, Agribuggy Demonstrator, Fabrice Douvernelle, Agribuggy Technical Manager along with Morgan Estienne and Emmanuel Opsomer, Agribuggy sales personnel. Renaud Mary, head of ETS Payen sales was also in attendance.

The Payen team were given in depth product and practical operational training that included demonstrations of the machine working on hillsides, steep banks and within wet fields.

John Davis said:

It is important for this style of training to be carried out so that the sales and support teams see for themselves the true performance capabilities of the Agribuggy within their own environments.

Renaud Mary was extremely pleased with the training carried out and stated that he has already seen a growth in enquiries levels.