Rejuvenator Spring Tine Harrows

For better organic farming, the Rejuvenator Spring Tine Harrow will rejuvenate pasture; scatter manure; clear out moss, thatch and weeds; and aerate field crops, weeds and fine tills.

Available in four different working widths from 3.00m to 6.00m, the harrows boast a contour-following floatation system, are equipped with up to 252 8mm tines, and feature easy to adjust tine angles and working heights.

Key features

  • 3.00m, 4.50m, 5.00m and 6.00m working widths
  • Three-point linkage
  • Heavy-duty frame with box section bars
  • Adjustable working height
  • Adjustable tine angle
  • Parking stand
  • 8mm diameter tines
  • More versatile and efficient than chain harrows
  • Free floating individual sections
  • Precise contour-following

Spring Tine Harrow in action

Machine Type 300 450 500 600
Working Width 3.00m
5.00m 6.00m
Tine Space 25mm
25mm 25mm
Transport Width 3.00m
2.50m 2.50m
Number of Tines 120
204 252
Folding Fixed
Hydraulic Hydraulic