McConnel’s all-terrain remote control work platform boosts safety by removing operators from steep-sided, dangerous and restricted-access zones.

Capable of tackling slopes of 55 degrees, ROBOCUT has a working range of 150m and is up to 25 times more productive than manual cutting.


Designed especially for tackling tough terrain, the ROBOCUT T400 features a low centre of gravity design and durable rubber tracks that make it an outstanding all-terrain mowing machine, capable of mastering slopes up to 55 degrees whilst enhancing operator safety by removing them from the danger zone.

Power comes from a 40hp, three-cylinder, Yanmar diesel engine that uses a DPF filter system to ensure it meets the latest Stage V emissions regulations without the need for Adblue.

Key features

  • Proven Yanmar engine technology - Stage V compliant
  • Twin roll-over protection bars
  • Fully enclosed, all-metal panels 
  • Flailheads upto 1.6m width
  • Responsive remote control unit
  • 150m working range
  • Innovative low centre-of-gravity design
  • Choice of track options
  • Robust build quality
  • Comprehensive range of attachments


Access all areas

ROBOCUT thrives in the toughest terrain, making it easy to work on busy highways, embankments, railway sidings, steep-slopes or riverbanks. It ensures safe, productive working without risk to life and limb.


McConnel continues to expand its range of attachments, offering a tool for almost every challenge. From snow clearance to forestry, grass cutting to quarry maintenance, McConnel can provide a safe and productive remote control solution.


  • Up to 25 times faster than manual cutting
  • Tackles slopes up to 55 degrees
  • More fuel efficient than a three-man strimming team
  • Multi-functional remote control capability
  • Proven engine technology delivers outstanding reliability
  • Easy to use proportional controls
  • Work safely outside danger zones


ROBOCUT T400 Specification


Make YANMAR, 3 cylinder, Stage V
Horsepower 40hp (27.5kw) @ 3000rpm
Torque 105Nm
Fuel Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 21 litres
Water-cooled radiator 3 core havy duty
Self-cleaning (reversible fan) Standard manual and automatic
Transmission Fine control hydrostatic
Maximum noise levels 80dB(A)


Independent flailhead circuit
Closed circuit piston
Max 55l/min @ 280 Bar
Independent track drive circuit 2 x closed circuit piston
Max 57 l/min @ 250 Bar
Aux service
1 double acting auxillery service
Independent intercooler
Oil tank capacity
11 litres
Attachment lift capacity


Rubber Standard ~ max working angle 40°
Rubber with spikes
Optional ~ max working angle 55°
Self-tightening Standard
Length (axle to axle) 1192mm

Remote Controls

Working range 150m
Frequency 434Mhz (certified by CE legislation)
Battery Interchangeable, rechargeable, 2 with each unit, charge on machine
Proportional joysticks Standard


Overall width 1310mm
Overall length (without attachment) 1960mm
Overall height 1120mm


ROBOCUT2 RC40 1150kg


Potentiometer speed control
(0 - 100%)
1st gear (low range)
Forward and back, 0 - 4km/h

2nd gear (low range)
Forward and back, 0 - 7km/h

Flailhead / Attachment

Oil flow 59 l/min
Pressure 350 Bar
Rotor speed 3300 rpm
Front and rear flaps Standard
Flails Y - Flails for cutting grass and light wood up to 30mm diameter
J (hammer) - Flails for cutting thick grass and wood up to 50mm diameter
Rotor width 1.3m to 1.6m
Roller diameter 100mm
Cutting height range
(via roller adjustment)
20mm - 85mm (5 positions)
Flailhead can be lifted to cut higher
Hydraulic lift -300mm to +400mm
Floatation (angle) 14° up and down (+/-)