McConnel’s high-performance SR620 features a 6.2m cutting width, five powerful rotors and a choice of 10 or 30 hardened updraft swinging blades for outstanding productivity.

Ideal for large-scale farmers, local government teams, and professional mowing contractors, SR series machines can be used in a huge variety of applications from airports and sports venues to pasture and stubble.


Capable of tackling everything from grass to gorse, the SR620 can cut material up to 50mm thick, and has a fast-cutting action which enables operators to tackle up to six hectares an hour. Flexible wings with 115 degrees of movement ensure the SR620 closely follows the contours of the ground and delivers an attractive cut with an even spread, while walking axles deliver a smoother ride.

Key features

  • 6.2m working width
  • High and low hitch options
  • 115 degrees of wing movement (+90o up, -25o down)
  • Bondioli & Pavesi gearboxes and drivelines
  • Five powerful rotors
  • 1000rpm wide angle PTO
  • Slip Clutch Protection
  • Front and rear chain guards
  • Hardened updraft swinging blades
  • Cutting heights from 25mm to 250mm
  • 50mm cutting capacity
  • Choice of 10, 15, 20 or 30 blades
  • 5,340m per minute blade speed
  • Walking axles


See the SR620 flex wing mower in action:


Blade options

The SR620 offers operators a choice of cutting options, including a six blade shredder kit with four updraft blades and two special blades for improved mulching. A blade tip speed of 5,340m per minute ensures a powerful cutting action which makes light work of maize stubble.


McConnel’s SR series machines operate quickly and effectively while delivering an attractive cut. The SR620’s 115 degrees of flexibility also ensures it closely follows the contours of the ground making it equally as effective in undulating terrain.


  • An excellent stubble mulcher
  • Cuts stubble low enough to prevent beetle infestation
  • McConnel’s most productive range of mowers
  • Effective in a huge range of work environments
  • Proven track record for reliability
  • Customisable with a range of blade, hitch and shredder options
  • Wide range of cutting heights
  • Enables operators to switch quickly to and from the transport position
Model SR620
Working width 6.28m / 20′ 7″
HP Requirement 90hp / 67kW
Machine weight 2850kg / 6283lbs
Attachment Drawbar
Cutting height
25mm – 210mm (1″ – 8 1/4″)
Cutting capacity
100mm (4″)
Deck height* 0.23m / 9″
Overall width
6.47m / 21′ 3″
Overall length 5.07m / 16′ 8″
Transport width 2.70m / 8′ 10″
Transport height 4.93m / 16′ 2″
PTO speed
1000 rpm
Deck construction All welded construction
Deck material thickness 6mm (1/4″)
Skid construction Replaceable bolt on skid shoes
Side skirt material thickness 5mm (3/16″)
Driveline ASAE category 6
2/4-way slip clutches on rotor gearboxes. Overrun on input shaft
Number of blades
15 x 12mm (1/2″) 30 Carbon Boron hardened and tempered. Free swinging high lift – low friction
Blade bolts M24 C/W shank grade 8.8
Number of rotors 5
Blade overlap
Blade tip speed
79mps / 15551fpm
Hydraulic wing flex 45° up / 15° down
Anti-scalp dish 6mm (1/4″) round pan with blade holder bar
Input shaft 1-3/8″ Z21 or Z6 SFT 6/8 tractor end
Gearbox [splitter] Splitter - Cast Iron housing
Gearbox [rotor] Rotor x 5 - Cast Iron housing
Gearbox oil capacity [splitter gearbox] EP80-90W - 2.7 litres / 4.7 pints
Gearbox oil capacity [centre gearbox] n/a
Gearbox oil capacity [rotor gearboxes] 85W - 140 Oil -  1.3 litres / 2.3 pints
Wheels and Tyres 8 wheels - 21×9 14 PLY wide pneumatic tyre with steel hub
Wheel mount assembly Tubular welded walking axles
Front guard Single chain guards on each deck
Rear guard Single chain guards on each deck
*Underside of deck to skid