McConnel Genuine Parts

Why buy genuine?

Buying imitation parts can sometimes appear cheaper, but in the long-term it's a poor investment.

That's because imitation parts invalidate your warranty, can damage your Power Arm, and almost always results in a sub-standard performance which costs more money in the long term.

As many discover when they switch from McConnel products to spurious alternatives – the results often range from disappointing to disastrous.

McConnel parts manager Simon Vickers explained:  “All our parts are designed and engineered exclusively for our products. They are created to precise quality standards and customers receive peace of mind knowing the part will enhance the life of their machine and ensure it performs to its full potential.”

Oil filters

Hydraulic oil is the lifeblood of a Power Arm and protecting its purity and removing contaminants is essential to the performance of your machine.

McConnel only uses oil which has been extensively purified and meets the NAS 7 standard for decontamination.

Cheap imitation filters with similar specifications may seem a bargain, but as McConnel’s hydraulics expert Kris Perks explains, depending on a spurious part to perform such an important function is often risky.

He says: “Our oil filters are designed to handle higher oil pressures, protect the machine from damaging pressure releases, and eliminate contaminants so minute they are seven times thinner than a human hair.

“Buying cheap may actually cost customers more in the long run, since the imitation filter invalidates the machine’s warranty, and could potentially put the performance of their Power Arm at risk.”

Benefits of using McConnel genuine oil filters include:

  • 99.9 per cent of all contaminants are removed
  • The dirt-holding capacity of a McConnel filter is more than three times that of some imitation filters – saving money, protecting performance and extending the service life of the machine
  • High flow rates
  • Ensuring consistent pressure and preventing sudden surges of oil on return lines, our filters have a proven track record for preventing damage to the motor shaft seals
  • Designed especially for McConnel machines, the oil filters fit perfectly every time and shouls never have to be forced on or off
  • Outstanding oil filtration


McConnel offers customers a wide range of hard-wearing, high-performance flails built to last from reinforced steel.

The advantages of a genuine McConnel flail include:

  • The new high-performance F14 T-flail and the heavy-duty F-16 Flail are only available through McConnel.
  • McConnel flails are always built from high-quality compounds to the highest standards
  • McConnel flails are built to last.
  • Customers have reported a life span up to six times greater than imitations
  • Imitation flails have a reputation for chipping or snapping when coming into contact with foreign objects such as stones or catch-fencing

Customers who have experimented with rival offerings have had to cope with extensive wear issues.