2015, 4750 hours, 148 hp Cummins engine, 4-speed auto transmission with hi/lo range & diff-lock, Melo h/duty reduction hub axles with 4WS & power brakes, Gen III cab with air-con/heater & carbon filters, floating control console with multi-function joy-stick, Colour TFT dash display, Aeros 8.4” touch-screen guidance/auto rate controller, Boompilot auto section shut-off, RXA-30 antenna, LED work lights, electric mirrors, 2700 Litre tank, 12/24 metre fully hydraulic folding booms, 7-Section air shut-off, 'Full-Flow' recirculation purge & prime, Tank wash system, induction hopper and self-fill,External wash kit with retractable hose reel & lance, triple nozzle bodies on s/steel lines,274l.p.m pump, Suction and pressure filters, and two sets of wheels.


For used machine enquiries please contact:

John Davis, Sprayer Sales Manager
Landline: +44 (0) 1584 873131
Mobile: +44 (0) 7774 242362

Email: jdavis@mcconnel.com