Merlin Xtreme

A range of tough, productive, heavy-duty flail mowers, the Merlin Xtreme series is precision-engineered in the UK by McConnel and offers a choice of cutting widths from 2.0m to 2.65m


Robust and reliable, the machines are exceptionally versatile with a hydraulic offset and the option of front or rear mounting.

Created for farmers, contractors and local government, the Merlin Xtreme range can tackle vegetation up to 50mm thick and offers a wide range of cutting heights from 0-150mm

Key features

  • 2.0m, 2.45m, 2.65m working widths
  • Three-point linkage mounting
  • 1,000rpm PTO speed
  • Adaptable for use with a 540rpm PTO
  • Robust build quality
  • PTO over-run protection
  • 50 mm cutting capacity
  • 600mm offset
  • Belt drive
  • Sliding hitch for central or offset mounting

Merlin Xtreme in action

See the Merlin Xtreme flail mower in action:


Rugged design

Merlin machines are created for toughness and durability and to withstand heavy workloads. A double-skinned body ensures the machines are extremely robust while PTO over-run protection enhances their longevity.


The machine can be front or rear-mounted, while a sliding hitch gives operators a choice of central or offset mounting, enabling the machine to cut out wheel-marks and work alongside hedgerows and under trees.


  • Outstanding productivity
  • Front and rear mounting
  • Tough and durable
  • Range of cutting widths
  • Powerful cutting action
  • Designed for intensive use
Model Merlin Xtreme 2000
Merlin Xtreme 2500
Merlin Xtreme 2800
Working width 2.0m (6'7")
2.45m (8'0") 2.65m (8'8")
HP requirement 50
60 70
Weight 730kg
814kg 860kg
Attachment 3-point linkage
3-point linkage 3-point linkage
Cutting height
0mm-150mm 0mm-150mm
Cutting capacity
50mm 50mm
PTO speed
1000rpm 1000rpm
Slip clutch
Slip clutch Slip clutch
Number of flails
Roller diamter


166mm 166mm