Available with reach options from 5.0m to 7.0m and powered by high performance 70hp hydraulic system, the new 67-Series has been designed for farmers, contractors and local authorities and features new design style which marks the arrival of McConnel’s next-generation Power Arms.   

Among the key new features of the machine is the restyled hydraulic tank that incorporates a two-piece rear guard and sculpted polypropylene top cover.  Designed to improve access to the hydraulic system, the new rear guard is hinged at one-side to enable quick opening for easy access for maintenance.  

The new one-piece top-cover is sculpted from impact resistant polypropylene and designed to minimise material build-up and prevent the ingress of dust and moisture.


Five different armsets including 5.5m and 6.0m straight-arms, 6.5m and 7.0m telescopic arms, and a 6.0m Variable Forward Reach (VFR) option.  VFR enables operators to position the flailhead alongside the cab for enhanced visibility and comfort.  VFR also aids manoeuvrability when cutting around obstacles and working in confined environments such as narrow lanes.

Advanced arm features that are synonymous with McConnel Power Arms such as; Hy-reach geometry, parallel arm geometry, and Power Slew are all standard features on the new 67-Series.  

At the heart of the machine is a 70hp gear hydraulic system that utilises McConnel’s in-house designed and manufactured hydraulic valve block.  Designed specifically for McConnel Power Arms, the high-performance hydraulic system includes electric rotor control, Soft-Start rotor engagement and a high-capacity oil cooler as standard.   

Key features

  • 5.5m, 6.0m, 6.5m and 7.0m reach
  • Choice of three advanced control systems, including REVOLUTION
  • Choice of three-point linkage or five-point axle mounting
  • High-performance 70hp hydraulics
  • Telescopic dipper arm option
  • Variable Forward Reach available
  • Easy Drive System
  • Hydraulic Power Slew
  • Hydraulic safety breakaway
  • SoftStart rotor engagement
  • Cushioned top link
  • Choice of 13 flailheads
  • Choice of 14 attachments



All models utilise a heavy-duty mainframe that’s designed for 3-point linkage mounting.  Users looking to added further stability or to reduce stresses on tractor linkage can opt for either the 4-point hitch or 5-point axle mounting sub-frame, both of which can be retrofitted.


McConnel’s TwinCut flailhead is the world's first dual-rotor flailhead, delivering a heavy-duty mulch and a fine finish in a single pass - saving operators time, fuel costs and freeing up opportunities for extra work.


  • Available with the innovative new Twincut flailhead
  • Telescopic arm provides extra reach on demand
  • Advanced arm-set options available
  • Enhanced durability and reliability
  • Comprehensive choice of flailheads and working attachments
  • Advanced Power Arm control systems
  • Ideal for both verge-mowing and hedge-cutting
  • Comfortable transport mode
Model PA5567-70hp PA6067-70hp PA6567T-70hp PA7065T-70hp
Reach 5.5m 6.0m 6.5m  7.0m
Machine weight* 1120kg 1152kg 1238kg 1275kg
Tractor hp requirement 80hp 80hp 80hp 80hp
Tractor weight requirement 4000kg 4000kg 4500kg


* Depending on machine specification excluding attachment and oil