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F14 Flail

The cutting edge in flail design for power arms. The new flail design benchmark for power arms. Transform hedge and grass cutting with the innovative, all-new design F14 T-flail.

Serious heavy-duty cutting – without a seriously heavyweight flail.

For years the standard T-flail design (like the F10 flail) has proved efficient, reliable and cost effective for most jobs. But heavy-duty cutting has always demanded larger, more powerful machines equipped with heavier, more costly flails.

Now, innovative new design refinements (including a weight saving patented cavity shaft) have created the F14 T-flail: a way to achieve exceptional heavy-duty cutting performance from a power arm without the need for a bigger, more powerful machine driving heavier flails.

  • Cleaner cutting
    Double the amount of flail overlap and improved cutting angle of the leading edge.
  • Improved cutting performance
    38% more mass for greater cutting momentum in tough conditions.
  • Integrated protection
    Pad protects flail and rotor when they come into contact.
  • Anti-wrap profile
    Rounded shank improves material flow preventing grass wrap.
  • Superior value
    Longer life and more applications at an affordable cost.
  • Stronger design
    A shank design that’s stronger than conventional T-Flails.
  • Longer working life
    Longer leading edge profile extends service life.
  • Unique design
    Lighter cavity design compatible with all Multicut rotors. Patent pending 1405860.6

The F14 is a far superior to anything else on the market. McConnel has raised its game with these flails because whether I’m cutting grass, heavy vegetation or mature hedge rows they are fast, powerful, effective and always leave an immaculate finish

Robin Osman, Devon contractor

Get the F14 T-flail included as standard. Or upgrade your existing Multidrive flailhead

All new McConnel 65hp and larger Power Arms now come with F 14 T-flails as standard equipment. To upgrade your existing Multidrive flailhead, simply contact your local McConnel dealer.

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