Optional accessories


McConnel offers customers a comprehensive range of general accessories - boosting performance, manoeuvrability, safety and functionality, including:

Lift and Angle Float kits

The Lift Float Kit enables the cutting attachment to automatically follow the contours of the ground in a vertical plane, while the Angle Float Kit works in a horizontal plane.

Reducing fatigue by lowering the amount of operator input required, the float kits also increase accuracy, prevent scalping, and boost durability by eliminating excessive wear and tear.

Oil Cooler kit

Improves the performance of Power Arms and prolongs oil life - even in the most arduous conditions.

Safety equipment

McConnel offers road lighting kits, magnetic warning arrows, and window guards, protecting operators and the safety of the public.

Flailhead options

McConnel offers a number of enhancements for flailheads including: Front flap kits, hydraulic rollers, skid kits, and a cushioned grass mowing roller.

Debris Blower

Keeps pavements and roads clear after cutting.

Front Mounting Kit

Enables operators to transform their Power Arm into a front-mount model for enhanced visibility.