Telescopic VFR


A major advance in comfort, precision and safety, Telescopic-Variable Forward Reach (Tele-VFR) enables operators to position the flailhead in front of the cab boosting visibility and reducing user fatigue.

The new armset takes the comfort and control offered by McConnel’s proven VFR technology and combines these qualities with the versatility of a telescopic extension, which can also be retracted for added manoeuvrability when working in confined spaces.

Customer experience

Irish contractor Thomas Moloney, who was one of the first customers to purchase a Tele-VFR machine, explained the benefits of the new technology, saying: “Modern tractor designs position the cab further forward which is great for most jobs but is far from ideal when cutting grass or hedges because you’re constantly looking over your shoulder and twisting around, which can put strain on operators.

“The beauty of this machine is that it is much more comfortable to operate when working for long periods, and because the visibility is better, it also improves precision and safety.

“The arm is always precisely where I need it, which makes it intuitive to control and increases the speed at which you can work. It’s also very stable and well-balanced.”

Enhanced safety

Conventional arms extend behind the cab resulting in operators having to make a series of visual adjustments from front to rear as the operator checks the road ahead, then breaks off to check the performance of the flailhead.

TELE-VFR takes full advantage of the 120-degree focal range of the human eye, allowing operators to flick simultaneously back and forth from the road to the flailhead’s position alongside the cab without compromising safety.

Improved productivity 

Conventional reach arms are not designed for cutting around obstacles such as road signs, trees, and therefore struggle to make a tidy cut without being forced into a series of time-consuming and potentially hazardous manoeuvres.

By enabling an extended forward reach of up to 2.39m, TELE-VFR offers over 400% increase in the size of the cutting area, boosting efficiency and productivity and enabling the arm to cut behind obstacles.


  • Improves safety by allowing the operator to concentrate on the road ahead
  • Enables operators to set the arm position according to the task or personal preference
  • Enhances comfort
  • Ideal for both hedge cutting and verge mowing
  • Cutting position is adjustable from the cab at the touch of a button
  • Telescopic arm allows close-in cutting, while delivering extra reach on demand
  • Flexible positioning for cutting around obstacles
  • Intuitive controls


55 Eco-Series

85-Series X