Variable Forward Reach


McConnel's Variable Forward Reach (VFR) armset enables operators to adjust the position of the cutting head alongside the tractor for improved comfort, visibility and safety.

Ideal for both verge-mowing and hedge-cutting, the system is extremely versatile and enables cutting anywhere along an adjustable cutting range from fully forward to behind the tractor.

The technology improves safety by allowing the operator to concentrate on the road ahead; enables operators to set the arm position according to the task or personal preference; and delivers flexible positioning for cutting around obstacles.

Features and benefits

  • Improves comfort and visibility
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Positioning can be tailored to the job or personal preference
  • Boosts safety by allowing operators to concentrate on the road ahead
  • Enables operators to monitor the cutting attachment
  • Ideal for working around street furniture
  • Thrives in narrow lanes

Variable Forward Reach in action

See McConnel's Variable Forward reach armset in action hedge cutting:



55 Eco-Series

60-Series X
65-Series X
70-Series X
85-Series X

 * McConnel's standard Variable Forward Reach package is only available on non-telescopic machines. New advanced Telescopic-VFR armsets are available on new 85-Series machines.