Power is nothing without control, so whenever you buy a new Power Arm, you’ll want to get the most out of your investment with a control suite that offers the very best in precision, functionality, and comfort.

That’s why McConnel has developed a suite of advanced new controllers that embrace the latest technology.

The new Motion system utilises the popular McConnel compact joystick but comes with a new software system, enhanced build quality, and delivers intuitive proportional control. EVOLUTION is a seven function controller (six proportional) which utilises the acclaimed REVOLUTION joystick for the best in precision and flexibility.

REVOLUTION continues to set standards as the most advanced Power Arm control system ever created, with eight proportional and two bang-bang functions; a best-in-class 5.5" high-resolution display; and  sophisticated software which delivers a wealth of key performance information and advanced control mapping.

For those who seek simplicity, McConnel continues to offer straightforward, easy to use cable and XTC Mini controls.