The strongest, toughest, most destructive mower in the McConnel arsenal. Weighing in at 1080kg*, the CY2000 is the perfect machine for overgrowth clearance, making light work of saplings, stumps and scrub.


An incredibly robust machine with an 12mm steel deck, the CY2000 features a heavy-duty steel push bar that flattens vegetation and channels it into the path of axe-style blades. A fully reinforced 70mm gearbox mounting point protects against any metal fatigue.

Capable of tackling vegetation up to 200mm in thickness, the machine’s 1.9m working width and powerful cutting action ensures outstanding productivity in the toughest conditions and makes it ideal for farmers, contractors, forestry teams and local government.

Key features

  • 1.9m working widths
  • Three-point linkage
  • 1000rpm PTO speed
  • Three 7kg axe-style cutting blades
  • Four-plate slip clutch protection
  • Steel push-bar
  • Front and rear chain guards
  • 25-225mm cutting heights
  • Floating linkage for a close cut
  • 200mm cutting capacity
  • Powerful rotor
  • 150hp gearbox rating
  • Rear bull bar

CY2000 in action

See the CY2000 in action tackling dense overgrowth:


Powerful cutting action

Armed with 7kg axe-style cutting blades and a high-powered rotor, the CY2000 makes light work of material up to 200mm thick, shredding even small trees and stumps.

Toughness and durability

The CY2000 is McConnel’s toughest and most robust mower, with an 12mm steel deck, a reinforced steel push-bar and heavy-duty build quality throughout.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Exceptionally powerful cutting
  • Productive working width
  • Tears through thick vegetation with ease
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Wide range of cutting heights
Model CY2000
Working width 1.9m (6'3")
HP requirement
Weight 1080kg*
Attachment 3-point linkage
Cutting height
Cutting capacity
Overall width
PTO speed
Slip clutch
Number of blades
Number of rotors 1
Blade overlap
Blade tip speed

*Dependent on machine specification